Let Me Be Real

    I’m going to be honest, here. This blog has always been a way for me to play around with the ideas that run around my head. It is also a place where I practice writing and use all the random pictures that I take on my phone. But, often, I avoid this place. … Continue reading Let Me Be Real

Making Excellent Work

I live by little mantras or mottos that evolve out of the pattern of what I’m learning in life during a particular season. I always try to nail down how these mantras evolve, but the truth is that they just pop up without me actively seeking them out. I notice certain themes in my life … Continue reading Making Excellent Work

Adjusting to Home

The plane touches down on the runway, and I’m suddenly home again. This past month in Romania has flown by. As I step off the plane, the romantic in me acknowledges the “crossing space.” It’s like a Venn diagram: I’m stepping through the overlap as my Romania adventure ends and I emerge back into a familiar place. I’m … Continue reading Adjusting to Home